Friday, January 25, 2013

In Memory of “Blue”

This is the hardest and saddest blog entry to write for us. It has been five months now since our dear dog “Blue” passed away suddenly.

Blue was only six years old (not old for a Blue Heeler) when he developed bowel cancer. It all happened so quickly that we were all in total shock and heartfelt pain.  Even now we still feel overwhelming sadness with a huge hole of emptiness in our hearts. It seems he is still here and each morning and dozens of times each day we are expecting to see his smiley face or waggy tail, but of course we cannot.

Blue was our very first dog and in his short life he became a very special member of our family.  Each of our family members developed their own personal relationship with him. This dear dog gave so much to so many people who met him.  The adage that “a dog is man’s best friend” is so true.

Blue was handsome, loving, loyal, absolute fun, cheeky, obedient (except when sniffing out rabbits), “ratter” extraordinaire, watchdog, friend to children and adults alike, playful (especially with other dogs) and much, much more. Most of all though, he was a real character, so easy to love and he gave love back unconditionally.

We have asked ourselves how we can move on without a constant feeling of loss and the gnawing heartache that goes with it, but never forgetting the special place that Blue holds in our lives. Blue would have loved a puppy mate to play with, and we did contemplate another dog to grow up with him.

Your mate is coming Blue; a little red heeler pup called “Cobber”. He is your best mate and will continue to keep the essence of you alive in our hearts.

Our daughter Sally compiled the attached video clip to celebrate Blue’s life.

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