Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012. Not the end of the world, but the start of a new journey

For us 2012 became the year we got fully into Helpx and started a new journey. The Helpx website links hosts with travellers who would like the opportunity to stay and work with local people and gain practical experience and cultural exchange in return for free board.
Alex & Karen

As Tenderbreak is a large rural property and as we are still building its key infrastructure, there is a list of jobs “a mile long”. We also try to grow as much of our own food as possible, so there are continual tasks associated with this process, from preparing and planting the crop, right through to harvesting and storage.
Sarah weeding the garlic
Now that we are in our sixties, sometimes our bodies have the odd objection to the ideas in our minds, so we end up with the occasional ache or pain to slow us down. The perfect solution is to welcome Helpers who have the energy, enthusiasm and interest to help us out. In return we provide free board, share our knowledge and skills and hopefully give them an enjoyable experience on their travels.
Jeff shifting mud bricks

This year we have had a total of 14 helpers from seven different countries. Every one of them are lovely people with whom it was a joy to share our lives. And they have all been instrumental in helping us do many important tasks that would have been much more difficult and slow-going, if we had to do them all by ourselves. We look forward to hosting many more Helpx visitors during 2013.

Jodie, Valencia & Tia
2012 was not all fun and games though. There were a few issues that caused us pain. Andrew was “out of action” for several weeks when he injured himself, and then there was some minor (but expensive) damage to the car. However the event that caused us the greatest pain (and still does) was the loss of our dear dog Blue (who starred in many photos in this blog). Although his passing happened in August, it has been too painful to do a post in memory of our friend. Perhaps we’ll do one in the new year when our hearts have healed a bit more.
Laura using human energy to clean the rugs

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