Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Latest WOOFERS

Last week two young Swedish WOOFERS visited Tenderbreak. Their trip was partly a study tour, and partly a brief backpacking holiday and they were keen to find out more about Permaculture.  They had already visited quite a few properties around Melbourne and surprised us when they commented that they thought our public transport system was pretty efficient compared to Sweden’s.
Back home, Erikka works for a non-profit organisation that combines rehab programmes with professional gardening and wood work and Maria is a volunteer at a children's gardening project. They had both studied horticulture in Sweden and were now travelling on a grant, to learn more. Unfortunately due to busy schedules they were only able to spend one night with us but it was a very enjoyable evening.

Erikka and Maria are easy going lovely people and it was a real pleasure meeting them and spending the evening together. Thankyou both for sharing your journey with us and we hope you can return at some stage in the future.

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