Sunday, April 15, 2012

National Permaculture Day 2012

Sunday May 6 has been designated as National Permaculture Day. Around Australia and in some overseas countries there are events being held to celebrate the day. We will be running a tour of Tenderbreak Permaculture Farm on this day, and invite anyone in Melbourne who is interested, to join our tour.

DATE: Sunday, May 6th
TIMES: 1:30 to 4:30 pm
COST:  $15 per adult which includes afternoon tea. Bookings are required to keep numbers manageable and to ensure there is plenty of scope for questions and discussion. Other dates are available for group bookings. Contact Andrew or Heather to reserve a place or for more information, at

Our tours are suitable for anyone with an interest in permaculture, organic gardening, passive solar house design, mudbrick building, property design and layout, chooks and ducks, solar power, grey and black waste water systems and sustainable living. Although our property is a large bush block, we provide plenty of information and ideas that are suitable for both rural and suburban dwellers.

Part of the tour looks at defensive strategies against bushfires. The fires of Black Saturday burnt most of our 96 acres, but we were able to save our house and most of our infrastructure. We can now give an account of what aspects of our fire plan worked well and what needs to be improved.

Over 1000 people have toured our property and some have even been twice. If you cannot make it on this day, let us know and we will keep you informed about future tours. Alternatively have a look at for details of other events which range from house and garden tours to workshops and film nights.


The Potty Knitter said...

...and a lovely National Permaculture Day it was too.
Thank you to both of you for taking us for a tour today, very much enjoyed and much was learnt.

Andrew and Heather said...

Thanks for your comment Angie. We also enjoyed the day and learnt much. It was a real pity we didn't have more time to chat. We would have loved to have talked with you more and share thoughts. Perhaps another day?

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