Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enjoying the Moment

Bubble beards!
This year is the first time we have taken on so many helpers over the summer period. Tim and Mike bring the total to 6 so far for this year. We really appreciate the help our visitors offer, but more than this, we enjoy sharing our lives with these generous people. Apart from the work, we try to ensure that there is plenty of time for pleasure, merriment and rest.  A good mix of work and play allows everyone to enjoy both pastimes for what they have to offer.
Face Off!

Many people need to press buttons on some technological gizmo to gain entertainment. Our enjoyment often comes from our natural surroundings – the antics of birds in the garden, the excitement at the appearance of particular insects, birds or other animals, the catch-the-ball acrobatics of our dog Blue, the clouds and the stars, the intensity of colours at particular times of the day and of course the company of like-minded friends.
We also make an effort to show our visitors a bit of the magnificent Yarra Valley and areas close by. Because Tim and Mike are with us for a while, we have been able to make several trips to Healesville, we have visited several parks including Maroondah Dam and Knox Arboretum, one to the Dandenong Ranges with a wander around William Ricketts Sanctuary and one to Dandenong Market. This adds a bit of variety to their stay at our place.
We also create our own fun; usually whimsical in nature. The simple pleasures are said to be the best, and luckily for us, Tim and Mike have a great sense of fun too.
Tastes like moon.

We sometimes play a curious, little game we call “Finding Lizzie”, which works a bit like the “Where’s Wally” books that were all the rage in the 1990’s. From time to time someone hides a soft toy lizard (Lizzie) around the house and the others try and find it. Sometimes it takes hours or days, and whoever finds it then has their turn. It may seem like a bit of silliness, but some light heartedness is a healthy emotion? Happiness can be a choice if the mind is receptive.
Serenading the corn

As a guitarist, Mike has daily practice sessions. When his music is wafting across the garden it not only adds another beautiful dimension to our surroundings, it may even help the plants grow! 
When in Rome........!
Mike also gets on well with our dog Blue, and they often go for walks or just hang around together contemplating life.  
Joie de vivre!
Tim is also an accomplished and creative photographer with a gift for catching the “quirky” or capturing a special moment in his images. He has a knack of being able to reveal different aspects of everyday objects. He shows that there is more to a flower or a face than we see at first glance.

NOW back to work everyone ...chop chop!!

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Phern said...

Beautiful to read the blog about my beloved Tim and Mike!! So fun and I had a real giggle when you mentioned "Finding Lizzy" !! That was so much fun :)

Can't wait to set my feet back into Tenderbreak land :)


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