Friday, November 4, 2011

Would you like a “Tenderbreak Experience”?

Over the past 12 months we have had many queries from people asking if we take on WOOFERS (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). So far this year we have been unable to take people on because our “WOOFER room” has been occupied by a friend. As our friend is moving out shortly, the situation has now changed. If you are interested in visiting for a few days (up to a week) have a look at the details below and contact us ( for more information.
We are located at Dixons Creek, 65km from Melbourne. Our WOOFER room has a double bed and is suitable for a single person or a couple. Our usual arrangement is that board and meals are provided free in exchange for around 4 hours help daily (with occasional days off). Of course there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about permaculture and how it helped us design our property. Other areas that could make it a valuable learning experience include passive solar house design, sustainable living, off grid solar power, gardening, bushfire behaviour and much more. There are also opportunities for walks in the adjacent Pauls Range State Forest, bird watching and learning about our native wildlife.
This opportunity is definitely not a holiday and we are only interested in people who are genuinely interested in helping out and learning new skills as well as sharing their experiences with us. We always try and fit in with the interests of visitors. At this time of year the list of potential tasks include:-
·       Garden type tasks- weeding, planting, composting, watering etc.
·       Fire prevention activities and setting up our new woodshed
·       Small building jobs
·       Harvesting, cooking and preserving
·       Helping out with our tours and on our market stall
·       Looking after our chooks, ducks and dog
If you are interested, send us an email with some background information, your interests and what you would like to get out of a stay.
We are 20km from Lilydale Railway station and can arrange pickup/drop off if you don’t have your own transport.
PS. You can find out a bit more about our past WOOFERS by clicking the WOOFER link on the right side of our web page ( ).

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