Thursday, August 18, 2011

National Sustainable House Day

National Sustainable House Day (NSHD) is celebrating its 10th birthday this year on September 11. This annual event is held Australia wide and gives people the chance to visit houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind and talk to owners, receiving unbiased advice.
For the first time we are running a tour of Tenderbreak Permaculture Farm as an ancillary event to Sustainable House day. This occurred quite by accident. We had already set September 11 as our next tour date and a friend suggested we link up with the local Sustainable House Day activities. We followed up this great idea and this lead to one of the local papers (Yarra Ranges Weekly) asking if they could include our place in a promotional piece they are putting together. So last week the reporter, Natalie and Lucy, the photographer came out and had a chat, a coffee and a short tour. The article should appear in the week prior to September 11.

If you would like to join our tour on that day you are very welcome. Bookings are essential as we have a limit of 20 people. The tour runs from 1:30 to 4:30 and the $15 per adult cost includes afternoon tea. Email us for more information at If you cannot make it on that day email us and we will let you know when the next tour is on
Of course there are plenty of houses open on that day in every state in Australia. Details of open houses can be found on NSHD website If you live in the western suburbs check out Gavin’s house, which is a terrific example of how to incorporate sustainable ideas in housing, the backyard and most importantly in the way we live. See Gavin’s blog at for more information about his place.

For more details about the tour of Tenderbreak see the “Ancillery Events “ page of the Sustainable House Day  website.


Gavin said...

Thanks for the plug Heather & Andrew. I tried to click the link to my site, but it doesn't seem to work?

Gav x

Andrew and Heather said...

Sorry about that Gavin. I did the post in a hurry and forgot to put in links. Should work now.

Sorry to hear about Kim and Ben not feeling the best. Hopefully with your tender care and the good weather that's arriving they will soon be back to their normal selves.
PS Your research into Limoncello has inspired us to give it a go.

Andrew & Heather

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