Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tenderbreak is in the News

Tenderbreak is in the news again. Earth Garden Magazine has published an article about our Fire Bunker in its latest edition (Summer 2009), which is available at newsagents now. The latest issue also contains articles about aquaponics, quince trees, a DIY electric bike conversion and much more. EG comes out quarterly and has a focus on articles relating to sustainable lifestyles.

The inaugural summer edition of Yarra Valley & Ranges magazine also contains an article about our place. Celeste, who took the photos, manages to make the place look very classy. This new publication promotes the unique food and wine, people, places, gardens and art and culture of our region (The Yarra Valley and surrounding area). If you cannot find it at your newsagent their website is .


Chris Brock (under the mulberry tree) said...

Yes - earth garden practically lifted the article from your blog as is (although i diodn't check)so well done. You should be flattered. I tried to subdcribe to the yarra ranges mag but they actually don't have the price of a subscription as far as i can see.

Andrew and Heather said...

Hi Chris. I checked with the publishers of the Yarra Ranges Magazine and they are aware of the oversight re subscription costs and are working at rectifying the situation. The cost of annual subscription is $25 for 4 issues posted each quarter. We're hoping to have a regular spot in the mag to promote permaculture ideas, starting with the next edition which comes out shortly.

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