Saturday, January 17, 2009

More about snakes

Addendum to the last entry. After reading it through, Heather says I’ve created an inaccurate portrayal of our snake interactions. She says it reads like we are stumbling across snakes every few minutes. I can see her point, so to clarify the situation I had better point out that the snake stories mentioned, happened over a number of years. In fact on average we might see around five or six snakes per year and only a few of those will be anywhere near the house. We often will see one or two in early spring when they are coming out of hibernation. During the summer we will occasionally see a few more- usually when they are peacefully sunning themselves or occasionally when they are searching for food. In autumn they return to hibernation until the weather warms up again. So there you have it. Any readers who were getting worried- it’s not so bad after all!

PS. Credit for the "snake in the dam" photo (another one accompanies this post) goes to our daughter Sally who is a wildlife photographer. If you wish to purchase some great wildlife photos you can catch them at Healesville Organic Market, held every Saturday morning outside the Healesville Railway Station. Soon I will do a post on this small but ground breaking market-keep an eye out for it.

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